Sunday, April 9, 2017

Easter Treats for SALE or Donation

My 2 sales over the weekend wore me out......and I have many leftovers!  Anyone who is interested please shoot me an email and I can meet you or deliver.

Here is what I have available.

Hen and Chick Boxes    $4.00   I can change the sentiment to Happy Easter.  These have succulents inside and some chocolate under each succulent, or I can add un-filled Plastic eggs.

Bunny Fry Boxes  $2.50 with Heshey Mini bars and Cookies & Cream Eggs

Easter Pencils  .50 cents each

Watermelon Curvy Boxes  $2.00    with Jolly Ranchers candy

Minion Curvy Boxes   $2.00  With Fruit Chew Tootsie Rolls

Bunny Jelly Bean Treat Tubes   $2.00   With Starburst Jelly Beans  decorated all the way around

Top view

Tea Bag holders $3.00   with 3 Green Tea Tea bags

Fabric Bunny Bag with Mini Jelly Beans and not card.  $3.00

Strawberry Easter Baskets with Grass and empty eggs  $2.00, add candy $4.00

Peat Pots    $1.00   Empty..... see them in the picture above.  Decorated with pastel ribbon and butterflies.......with grass and Candy  add $3.00

All Occasion Cards  $2.00 each, 3 for $5.00, 7 for $10.00  I have Easter, Mother's Day, Fathers Day, Graduation and Birthdays!!

This is the NEW HOSTESS CODE RDT2NVW9 and this code will close Sunday April. 16th at 6 PM.

If your order is $150 or more DO NOT use the code.  You have qualified for your own Hostess Benefits and can redeem them at the time of your order.  Check out the Hostess only sets on pages 198-201 of the catalog.  The only way to earn these stamps is to have a $150 or more order.  Use your Hostess $$ to purchase the exclusive Hostess sets or purchase other catalog items.
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