Monday, December 26, 2016

DIY Christmas Project

Don't try this at home!!  Seriously I should have consulted my Friend Diney the Professional Quilter, Sewing GURU!  But I did not, I went wild and thought I can do this.  How hard could it possibly be to make a BOWL Holder?  How hard is it to Thread a Sewing machine and Wind a Bobbin after not using this machine for 7 years?  HARD!!  Thank Goodness for YOU TUBE!!

Here is my sweet Cotton Bowl Holder with Hot Tater batting I'm sure, purchased in Bishop Hill Illinois last summer. 

Here is what I learned:

Consult the tutorial on YOUTUBE(there are a bunch of them) BEFORE!!!

BEFORE you buy your Fabric.

BEFORE you BUY your Batting.  "HOT TATER" batting is not available at WalMart....just saying!!

Know the TRUE purpose of the Bowl is meant to be placed IN the microwave with the bowl of food you are heating up!!!  ☹  I had NO idea!!  I have been heating and then retrieving my hot bowl using the Bowl Holder to wrangle my HOT bowl out of the Microwave like a POT HOLDER!!!  These things need to come with instructions!!

Well needless to say my Finished projects are GLORIFIED POT HOLDERS!!  DO NOT use these in the Microwave, I'm sure they will CATCH on FIRE!!  I am not even sure if FLEECE should even be an option for this project.

But in the words of TIM GUNN, I made it work!!!  Sad sorry pot holders, but hey they are ROYAL Pot Holders. 

 My 2 Royal Best Friends will hopefully understand and get a GOOD LAUGH today when we meet for lunch and exchange gifts!!  They do not stand up like a Bowl holder, they just sag.  At least I have the words going the same direction on both sides of the project.

This Bowl from Bed, Bath and Beyond is what started this whole mess!  The Yellow sticker inside says:  "Handles Stay Cool, Microwave safe!!"   There is always a Positive in every situation........sometimes you just have to look for the Yellow sticker!! 

Back to card making tomorrow.......something I KNOW how to do!!

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